About us

Our vision….

Green Guestlist e. V. pursues the vision of making the music and entertainment industry “greener”, encouraging people to think about how each individual can reduce the environmental impact and protect the environment while having a good time partying. CELEBRATE! while doing something good.

Who are we? And what we do…

We are an initiative whose goal & purpose is the promotion of environmental protection.

In particular by informing and sensitizing the public and our fellow campaigners about the high intensity of energy consumption as well as environmental pollution in the music and entertainment industry.

By raising funds, we want to contribute to the promotion of a climate-friendly music and entertainment industry.

The idea…

For every event in the music, sports and entertainment sector, there is free access through the guest list for selected guests.

With a small donation for their free entrance they help us to take steps to protect the environment. To support projects and initiatives in the field of environmental protection, waste avoidance, collection, recycling and climate protection measures.

Why are we doing this?

The music, entertainment and event business – in particular the live operation with artists and musicians – is exciting, fascinating and diverse – for all those involved – artists, agents, promoters, technicians and visitors. But: THERE IS ALSO A DOWNSIDE:

The industry is immensely energy-intensive in all core areas such as production, distribution, performance and flows of visitors, and produces a great deal of waste and CO2 emissions.

Certainly, the CO2 footprint of the industry is not comparable to other industries, such as the automotive industry. But musicians and artists serve as role models for many people and can contribute to a rethinking in society by setting an example.

The association.

We are registered as a non-profit association with the district court of Berlin.

You can view the statutes of the association here; more information about our founding members can be found here.