Environmental protection in the Music and Entertainment Industry

Our concern is not to dictate anyone to what he or she should and should not do; nor do we want to deprive anyone of the fun of experiencing a live concert, nor do we want to make the artist feel guilty about going on tour.

However, we believe that it is very important to raise the issue of environmental protection in the concert and entertainment industry and, by means of suggestions and proposals, make it possible for everyone involved to reduce the burden on the environment and to play their part.

How do we do that?

We know that every change takes time and can only function step by step. We want to help shape this change.
Along the way, we take the first step now and start to help immediately.
In the second step, we are pursuing long-term and “big” goals by helping to ensure that the industry implements environmental protection measures and is doing something concrete to counteract the burdens caused.

Our first step:

Become active with measures and emergency aid as a reverse conclusion
An event – e. g. a concert production – is usually associated with high energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
For large events, venues and stages are often temporarily built up and dismantled. Many production vehicles are in use for this purpose, and the supply of electricity for the technology must be guaranteed. The arrival and departure of the artists, crew and visitors is an essential part of the trip and a lot of garbage is often produced and left behind.

By providing information on site and in dialogue with industry participants, we aim to encourage waste disposal and savings, and by collecting donations we also support initiatives that are actively involved in these areas:

Waste disposal from the oceans: &
Climate protection through planting trees to improve the CO2 balance:
Taking care of clean water supply worldwide:

The big target:

We want to support local, national and international projects that promote climate and environmental protection measures in the event sector.

Priority objectives are: Conserving resources, reducing emissions, saving energy, avoiding, collecting and recycling waste. – Make events “greener”.

We don’t want to deprive people of the joy of celebrating & going out, but we want to make them aware of the high energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste production that is often associated with it, and how we can all help to change this step by step!

You want to join us and support us? Join in!