Green Guestlist e. V. is a non-profit association. Our goal is to promote environmental protection in the music, live and entertainment industry.

We always want to pass on 100% of all collected donations.

Help us to keep it that way, so that we can continue to grow and drive our vision forward!


Become a member of our community; there are two possibilities:

Supporting member:

If you would like to support us regularly with a donation, sponsoring membership is the best way. As a sponsoring member you will always be kept informed about our projects and activities and support our work and goals if you have little time to actively participate. You are part of our community and are invited to the annual general meeting.

Sponsoring membership fee: min. 48€ per year

Active member:

Would you like to do more? Being actively involved and actively supporting us? Then become an active member. You can actively support us, take part in regular meetings and get involved in our professional groups and activities.

Active member fee: 48€ per year / reduced 24€ per year (children, students, young people up to 16 years)